Pottentia High Fiber Healthy Grass Fed Whey Protein Bars

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Protein Bar + Fiber Bar + Energy Bar + Meal Replacement Bar + Nutrition Bar

Amazon Top Rated Grass Fed Whey Protein Bar, Gluten Free, Natural, 21g+ Protein, High Fiber, Simple, Non-GMO, No Sugar Alcohol, No Additives, Organic Simple Ingredients, 40% to 80% Larger

Peanut Butter Cacao is the Best!
I have liked Pottentia protein bars for a while now. I brought them on a trip to Egypt and they stood up well. They did not give off tons of oil like other bars and did not get crushed in my bag, but stayed just right for consuming. This new peanut butter cacao flavor is the best yet. It's just right, not too sweet, not chalky, and very tasty. This will be my new flavor. Nicely done Pottentia!!

Brooke Ackerley